Create a Better Trillion Dollar Market Cap Company

Aomoxo Plan, also Aomoxo's (our company) Trillion Dollar Market Cap Plan, the essence of which is motivating tens of thousands of talents with 90% of the stock and together making Aomoxo a better trillion dollar market cap company.


In companies like Apple and Google, the majority of the market cap is owned by very few people, and not the ones who have created it. This is such a pity for those companies, but an opportunity for us to make history.

Chapter One, Foreword

Make talents benefit the most from the trillion dollar market cap

  • 1/1,000 of the $1 trillion market cap, is worth $1 billion, and 1/10,000 is worth $100 million, and 1/100,000 is worth $10 million.
  • How about we use the wealth of a future "trillion dollar market cap" to motivate talents to create a new trillion dollar company?
  • How about we use numerous 1/1000, 1/10000, and 1/100000 of the company, to attract and inspire tens of thousands of talents to create a trillion dollar market cap company together, share the market cap together, and become "billionaires" together?
Chapter Two, Talent Shareholding Plan

Make the most "billionaires" of all time, with the most shares of all time

  • 1. The words "stock option" shouldn't just be a lovely term that company managers like to throw around now and then, but should play an important role in stimulating talents' enthusiasm for work.
  • 2. Aomoxo Plan will make sure each talent owns enough shares that he or she has the potential to become a "billionaire", a dream worth fighting for.
  • 3. Everyone will always know exactly how much net worth they are fighting for: How much market cap can make their dreams of "billionaire" come true? How much will one's worth increase with each cilmb of the market value?
Chapter Three, A Brand New Company Structure

Running solely on the internet, it couldn't have been easier for talents worldwide to join Aomoxo

  • No office buildings, no office space, nor any kind of physical facility and equipment. Tens of thousands of talents will be working entirely through the internet.
  • To become a member of Aomoxo, you don’t have to leave your home or your loved ones for even half a step.
  • Most importantly, from the day you join Aomoxo: You are free! Free to choose any place you like in the world to work and live in, free to enjoy your new romantic lifestyle, while boldly pursuing big dreams.
Part Four, Changing the Rules

Zero Expense Model and Efficient Financing Plan

  • 1. Aomoxo will never use investors' money or borrow money to pay our stock-holding members. Each dollar the talents get from Aomoxo, they must create first.
  • 2. With zero office expense and zero personnel expense, Aomoxo will become a highly frugal startup that can be up and running at close to zero cost.
  • 3. Having eradicated the root causes of problems like capital chain rupture, our entrepreneurial process is capable of withstanding any storm that would come our way.

People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Part Five, Our Mission

To change the world with thousands of "Elon Musks", and thousands of incredible projects

  • The world still has so many things that need to be changed. For the talents with real ambitions, joining Aomoxo is just the starting point of an adventure.

  • With tens of thousands of talents who refuse to be mediocre, we'll have the confidence, and also the ability to play the role of pioneers and do the impossibles.

  • Start healthy and friendly competitions with powerful adversaries, and together commit to improving the wellbeings of all humankind.

  • Listen to the voices of consumers, and turn their dissatisfactions, complaints, desires, and dreams into new solutions, and new products.


To the ones who refuse to be medicore, and aspire to become "billionaires" with us