Chapter One, Foreword

Make talents benefit the most from the trillion dollar market cap

APlan, abbreviation for Aomoxo Plan, is Aomoxo’s “Trillion Dollar Market Cap Plan”. And Aomoxo is an IT startup that, using Aomoxo Plan as its blueprint, will consist of tens of thousands of stockholding talents, and aimes for a market cap of $1 trillion.

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google’s trillion dollar market cap triggers thinking and inspires imagination

Dear talent friends, have you ever thought about what it would be like to own 1/1000, or 1/10000, or 1/100000 of the stock belonged to any one of the above mentioned companies? Which, as you’d well know, are all trillion dollar IT companies, with the highest market value even exceeding $2 trillion dollar.

Let us take a $1 trillion company for example:

  • 1/1,000 of the company is worth $1 billion.
  • 1/10,000 is worth 1/10 billion, that is, $100 million.
  • 1/100,000 is worth 1/100 billion, that is, $10 million.

So, 1/1000, 1/10000, 1/100000, all seemingly small numbers, but under $1 trillion market cap, they are extremely valuable. ✨

Now please open your mind and just imagine, what would happen if the entire trillion dollar market cap were to be used to motivate talents?

  • 1/1,000 of the stock per person, there would be 1,000 billionaires.
  • 1/10,000 per person, there would be 10,000 "1/10 billionaires".
  • 1/100,000 per person, there would be 100,000 "1/100 billionaires".

Using the future “trillion dollar market cap” as an incentive for the talents to create a new trillion dollar company.

Since a small portion of shares can bring about such a huge amount of wealth, and since $1 trillion in market cap can make so many talents become “billionaires”, how about we use the wealth of a future “trillion dollar market cap” to motivate talents to create a new trillion dollar company?

To be precise, how about we use numerous 1/1000, 1/10000, and 1/100000 of the stock, to attract and inspire tens of thousands of talents to start a business together, create a trillion dollar market cap company together, and share the trillion dollar market cap together, and become “billionaires” together?

These are the logics of the Aomoxo Plan, also the company’s “Trillion Dollar Market Cap Plan”:

90% of the company will be used to recruit 37200 talents from all over the world, making them the biggest beneficiaries of the future trillion dollar market cap.

The amount of shares each talent owns must be able to ensure that he or she becomes a "billionaire" when the market value reaches $1 trillion.

Aomoxo's goal of $1 trillion market cap is to be achieved by tens of thousands of stockholders from all over the world, who are most enthusiastic and motivated, bravely enbracing their dreams of billionaire.

As for how the 90% of Aomoxo stock will be distributed among 37,200 talents, and how we’d make sure that every talent has the potential of becoming a “billionaire”, “The Talent Shareholding Plan”, second part of the Aomoxo Plan, will give out more specific implementation details.

What we need to continue to emphasize here, is that the true value of the Aomoxo Plan lies in the creation of a new mechanism, that uses stock as incentive for the talents to achieve the $1 trillion market cap goal, linking Aomoxo’s trillion dollar market cap with the talents’ personal “billionaire” dreams, turning the company’s goals into the goals of tens of thousands of talentd individuals. So when they start to fight for their own dreams of “billionaire”, they’d also be most certainly working hard to create the trillion dollar market cap for the company. In other words, the day when Aomoxo reaches $1 trillion in market capitalization, it would also be the day that all 37,200 talents become famous and rich.

Although the great successes of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, are very worthy of excitement and pride from the industry, but it’s such a pity that the talents who have created the trillion dollar market cap miracle, aren’t able to share the wealth they’ve created.

  • This is morally unfair. Such a trillion dollar market cap is far from wonderful.
  • The passion and creativity of talents have not yet been fully tapped, and there's still a lot of room for incentive.

All miracles are created by talents. Any great cause or business should start from respecting talents and treating them well! The Aomoxo Plan gives tens of thousands of talents the legal right to share the future trillion dollar market cap, making it their own victories, and not just a few people getting super rich. That’s the essence and foundation of creating miracles.