Part Five, Our Mission

To change the world with thousands of "Elon Musks", and thousands of incredible projects

Any talent, once having joined Aomoxo, will experience a significant transformation, making them forever different than before. Because this is their own company, everyone will soon develop an unprecedented sense of responsibility from the bottom of their heart. And Aomoxo, a startup born with innovative spirit, will never allow the talents to remain in the roles of techinical craftssmen or craftswomen forever. The world still has too many things that need changing. For the talents with real ambitions, joining Aomoxo is only the starting point of an adventure.

As co-founders of Aomoxo, we have been influenced by Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other world-renowned dreamers for a long time. Seeing them as teachers and friends and role models, we have implanted the words “change the world” into our own dreams. And following their footsteps, We too have chosen to embark on the road of changing the world.

Creating Aomoxo is our boldest attempt and exploration so far in changing the world. Aomoxo Plan’s brand new talent incentive mechanism uses the vast majority of the trillion dollar market value to gather thousands of “first-class talents” from around the world, binding the great action of changing the world with the achievement of each talent’s personal worth, so we can fully trust them to accomplish this great mission with the strongest sense of responsibility.

First, like Google committed to artificial intelligence, and SpaceX committed to human migration to Mars, Aomoxo aimes to join them as one of the bravest pioneers in uncharted territories.

The world’s most outstanding pioneers have already set fabulous examples for us, showing us that it is possible to turn rockets into reusable space buses going from earth to space, and realize the dream of human migration to Mars in a commercial way; Showing us that with enough computers working together, you can achieve things like simulating human intelligence, facial recognition, and autonomous driving.

There also won’t be any shortage of brave, pioneer spirits in Aomoxo, we’ve got so many ideas just waiting to be realized. More importantly, Aomoxo will have tens of thousands talents refusing to be mediocre and brave enough to give up a comfortable life. This allows us not only to have confidence, but also the ability to play the role of pioneers and do the impossibles.

Second, alongside the world’s most outstanding tech companies, we’re going to provide consumers with another wonderful choice.

As an internet startup, Aomoxo will be doing all kinds of innovations in the global internet industry, starting healthy and friendly competitions with powerful adversaries, and together committed to improving the wellbeings of all humankind.

For example, we will compete with Facebook for creativity, with a lovable social network app that will rival Facebook and Instagram, allowing people to experience different joys from using different products; also compete with Amazon for market share, launching our own unique e-commerce platform, so that shoppers would have multiple choices in shopping online as they do offline, like walking out of a shopping mall, then immediately stepping into another that’s equally wonderful.

With us joining in, the consumers of all cultural backgrounds will enjoy another wonderful choice.

Third, bring confidence, trust and hope to people and become the world’s most trusted brand.

Anything can be changed, and any problem can be solved. Aomoxo is an innovative company that’s always searching for solutions, an explorer who changes things for the better. Aomoxo will be there in all aspects of people’s lives, feeling their dissatisfactions, listening to their complaints, their desires and dreams, and turning these dissatisfactions, complaints, desires, and dreams into new solutions, into new products. We will make people feel that we’re not just an ordinary company, but one with big dreams and a mission to change the world, bringing wonder and hope to people, a most trustworthy, wonderful brand.

And finally, we must also proudly tell every talent who refuses to be mediocre:

Joining Aomoxo is to join a great process of changing the world. All the 1/1000, 1/10000, 1/50000, and 1/100000 of the stock, are the great encouragements to everyone actively participating in this process. And in the future when we’ve achieved $1 trillion market cap, every $1 billion net worth, every $100 million net worth, every $20 million net worth, and every $10 million net worth, is the great reward for our outstanding contributions and efforts in changing the world.

So let us work hard to change the world for the better, and at the same time making our own “billionaire” dreams come true!